Therefore, we will only be responsible for any message or information, delivered to you from the above-given numbers and websites and none other.

Payment Method

1. Pay on Campus: Pay at Focus Point between 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm OR

2. Payment method:

Print the voucher from the above link and submit it to any HBL branch OR

3. You can directly transfer in the bank account by online method

For Online Transfer Using Internet Banking.

Account Title: FOCUS POINT

Account Number: 05267916761403

HBL Br. Code: 0526

IBAN Number: PK68HABB 0005267916761403

In the condition of direct transfer, don't forget to send a Screenshot or Snapshot of the payment receipt via whats app on 0300 8222528. OR

4. You can also use the EASY PAISA / JAZZ CASH account to submit the fee, Details are: 0321-9227475 - Muhammad Iqbal Bhabha OR

5.  You can also pay using debit and credit cards using our website FOCUS POINT and click the course in which you want to enroll.